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Raise Your Hand If You're SICK And TIRED Of 

Struggling With...


  • Struggling to lose weight in perimenopause or menopause

  • Have trouble spots that just won't go away

  • Embarrassing stomach bulge that hangs over your belt

  • Meat Market gyms that make you feel uncomfortable

  • Count calories to death and deprive yourself of food

  • Busy with work, life, kids

  • Unrealistic Diets that don't work

  • Frustrated trying to loss weight for years

  • Got skinny jeans hanging in closet collecting dust

  • Not feeling good because you KNOW you're not fit


This ulimate women's fat loss bluprint is designed exclusively for you!!!!  You'll discover how to torch body fat and keep it off FOREVER!  Also included are top tips to Diet, Exercises & Lifestyle Changes to dropping weight and staying in shape for life fast, safe & naturally!!


Here's What You Get:

-Coach Payne's Women's Fat Loss Book, How To Be Fit, Fabulous, Fortified & FREE!"  is loaded with importance of mindset, how women are hard-wired, female hormones & how to work with them to loss weight, menopause, top tips & strategies for nutrition including best foods for fat loss, including best herbs for women wellness, all about wholefoods, exercises and movements that burn fat and to torch body off and keep it off forever and much more!!  - Valued at $24.99


-The Bold & Beautiful Total Body Makeover Transformation Guide with simple and effectives steps to take daily for nutrition, exercises & lifestyle changes.  This quick guide will get the scale going south, fast using nutrition, exercise & lifestyle tips that work!  Especially for women stuck trying to lose weight in perimenopause or menopause.  -Valued at $49.99


-FREE! EBOOK "21 Tips To Fitness Success"  You get the inside scoop on top tips from fitness experts to reach fitness success - valued at $9.99


-FREE! Monthly Newletters loaded with weight loss & sculpt lean muscle tips for women


-Exclusive Access to Coach Payne's Private Facebook Group "TRANSFORMHer - The Bold & Beautiful Total Body Makeover" 

You get immediate access to a "Daily Dose of Coach Payne's" tools, education, hacks and wellness tips that work!!  Get first-in access to Coach Payne's online fat loss coaching program promotion, online self-pace wellness courses, virtual fat loss mastermind meet ups and network with a group of powerful women around the world for encouragement & support on your wellness journey!  - $$Priceless$$


-MOST IMPORTANT!! You get fast, safe, effective fat loss results....naturally!!  


Get your fat loss blueprint now and get going on your wellness journey!!   Simply click link to right and add to your cart to purchase!! 


LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Don't miss the most effective, safe, natural and effective fat loss guide for women struggling to lose weight and keep it off!


Let's Go!!!

Ericka S. Payne CPT, ACSM, CTLC, MCCMI

Christian Wellness Life Coach



P.S. All Ebooks are digital copies and delivered to email provided after purchase.  Coach Payne's Book, How To Be Fit Fabulous Fortified & Free is available on hard copy Only!


*FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED on entire purchase including Ships 3-5 business days.


30-DAY CONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!! I have countless testimonials where my clients have lose 100's of pounds following my fat loss protocol.  Visit top of this page to see testimonials.  It works if you work it along with being honest with yourself, commitment, hard worker ethic & simply following the instructions provided!!  If you followed entire blueprint protocol and did not lose one single pound in seven days, I'm offering a 50% refund of your purchase.  No questions ask!!  The book & ebooks are yours to keep! Let's Go!

Drop up to 5 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS! The Ultimate Women's Fat Loss Blueprint

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