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Get 60% OFF online personal training program, lose weight and become a testimonial to the world!!


My mission to help as many people as possible lose weight & get fit for life is still on fire! And I need more real-life testimonies to show the world you can drop weight, eat foods they enjoy, & live a life of love and wellness. 

Here’s my question for you: Do you know anybody struggling to lose 50-100 pounds plus and has not been able to accomplish their weight loss goals?  For 12 Weeks I'm taking on 10 hungry, committed, ready for results individuals because that’s all I can handle.  I’m offering over 60% off my virtual one on one personal training! I want to help people get the results they want and get after their best healthy lifestyle!! I help them lose weight and keep it off.  It works!  


I even guarantee people they’ll lose weight & get results, or I work with them until they do!  I had a woman over 40yrs old weighed over 350 pounds struggling for years to lose weight and work with me losing over 155 pounds and it was her first-time training with me.  I had another lady in perimenopause heading to menopause over 50yrs old work with me for the first-time loss over 55 pounds and kept it off!

Again, I need more testimonials like this to show it works across different scenarios.  Does anyone come to mine?


Here’s all you have to do to participate:

#1 Use the fat loss tools I teach.

#2 Be a testimonial for my program.

#3 Offer a banging review only if it deserves it. 

#4 Honest, Hard Worker & Committed to Win!

That’s it!!  


But wait! There's More!!! Here's also what you get:

-Exclusive Online Personal Training Program Designed just for you including meal plans, exercise, and lifestyle hacks to get results ($2,997.00 value)

-Natural Detox Nutrition Guide ($397.00 value)

-Weekly Check-ins coaching & accountability ($497.00 value)

-Weekly Hot Topic Discussions on fasting, diets, exercise, supplements, & much more ($897.00 value) 

-Access to Private Fat Loss Mastermind group that encourages, keeps you accountable and get top tips that help you get results and keep going! (priceless $$$)

FREE! BMI Testing (Body Mass Index) Measures body fat based on age, height & weight ($297.00 value)

-FREE! E-BOOK "5 Best Carbs for a Flat Belly"

-FREE! E-BOOK "Combat Fat, The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution

-Original Price: $3,497.00



Yep!  That's it!  In 2024 you can't buy one meal per person for $18 bucks!!   You are worth it!! 

For 12 Weeks you get direct access to me working exclusively on your weight loss goals!  Who do you know can use a fat loss program with guaranteed transforming their lives forever! 2024 New Years is here! 


Get the results you want NOW & be testimony to the world you can do it too!  Enhancing your health & lifestyle.   Sign up Below Now!

Let's Do This!!


Coach Payne, CPT, ACSM

P.S. Limited One-Time New Years Promotion!!  There are a few openings left.  First Come, First Sign up!


Your Break-through call is on the way! Sign Up Below! Let's Go!

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