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2024 Fat Loss
Guarantee or Else!

Total Body Transformation Case Study

Get 90% OFF virtual personal training program, lose weight and become a testimonial to the world!!

Learn More Below!

My mission to help as many people as possible lose weight & get fit for life is still on fire! And I need more real-life testimonies to show the world you can drop weight, eat foods they enjoy, & live a life of love and wellness.


Here’s my question for you: Do you know anybody struggling to lose 50-100 pounds plus and has not been able to accomplish their weight loss goals?  I’m taking on 10 case studies for 90 Days because that’s all I can handle.  I’m offering over 90% off my virtual one on one personal training because it’s not so much about cost…. I want to help people get the results they want and get after their best healthy lifestyle!! I help them lose weight and keep it off.  It works!  

I even guarantee people they’ll lose weight & get results, or I work with them until they do!  I had a woman over 40yrs old weighed over 350 pounds struggling for years to lose weight and work with me losing over 155 pounds and it was her first-time training with me.  I had another lady in perimenopause heading to menopause over 50yrs old work with me for the first-time loss over 55 pounds and kept it off!


Again, I need more testimonials like this to show it works across different scenarios.  Does anyone come to mine?

Here’s all they have to do to participate:

#1 Use the fat loss tools I teach.

#2 Be a testimonial for my program.

#3 Offer a banging review only if it deserves it. 

#4 Honest, Hard Worker & Committed to Win!

That’s it!!  

But wait! There's More!!! Here's also what you get:

-Exclusive Online Personal Training Program Designed just for you including meal plans, exercise and lifestyle hacks to get results ($1,999.00 value)

-Natural Detox Nutrition Guide ($299.00 value)

-Weekly Coach Check-ins & Monitoring  ($349.00 value)

-Weekly LIVE Hot Topic Dicussions on fasting, diets, excercise,  supplements, & much more ($499.00 value)

-Access to Private Fat Loss Mastermind group that encourages, keeps you accountable and get vtop tips that help you get results and keep going! (priceless $$$)

FREE! BMI Testing (Body Mass Index) Measures body fat based on age, height & weight ($199.00 value)

-FREE! E-BOOK "5 Best Carbs for a Flat Belly"

-FREE! E-BOOK "Combat Fat, The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution

YOU INVEST: $247.00 for 12 WEEKS! 

Who do you know can use a fat loss program with guaranteed results for little to nothing cost and jump start their 2024 New Years on the right track??  I’d love to meet them right away!!

Here's what you do to get started: Share this link with them and enter contact in sign up box to your right! 

Let's DO this! 

Coach Payne, CPT, ACSM

P.S. Promotion exprires Tuesday, December 26th 2023 

at 11:59pm.  Spots are first come, first sign up.  Few spaces left! 

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