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Discover How to torch body fat and keep it off FOREVER!

Top tips to Diet, Exercises & Lifestyle Changes to dropping weight and staying in shape for life!!


If you are sick and tired of struggling to lose weight, yo-yo diets that don't work, counting calories, embarrasing stomach bulge, trouble spots that won't go away then this book was written for you!


My name is Ericka Payne and I'm going to be radically honest with you. For 12 years I struggled with my weight, self image and pretty much gave up trying and let myself go. Then it happened.... I caught myself constantly not wanting to see myself in the mirror. I was horrified every time I looked and ashamed to see how out of control my health had gotten. Over the next several months I spiraled even further depressed about my weight. The more I looked in the mirror the more I ate. I just accepted my body. I will be fat for the rest of my life. But then a friend recommended a trainer she came across. I figured what else I had to lose. Signed up and the rest was history!


My trainer and now good friend patiently over the years with effective fat torching formulas blasted over 65 pounds off my body. Today, I continue my fitness journey as a personal trainer and humble student learning cutting edge fat loss formulas that work. You've seen countless before and after photos of me and there are more powerful testimonies to come from others now torching body fat using my fat loss formula.


How to be Fit Fabulous Fortified & Free is your first and next step to taking back your fit life!! Let's go!  


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Ericka S. Payne CPT, ACSM

Author, Speaker, Fat Loss Expert & Wellness Coach

How To Be Fit, Fabulous, Fortified and Free

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